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About Me


I am not your normal wedding photographer. During the week, my photoshoots are anything but wedding related. When I began taking pictures over 20 years ago I was all about my sports teams, landscape photography and some commercial work.


I slowly started doing wedding photography as friends passed my name onto other friends and now it's a growing part of my business. I put off getting into wedding photography because I never thought it was much fun shooting weddings. Now days I am looking forward to them and can often be found scouting out new and different locations for weddings shoots.


I have been fortunate to have worked with, in my opinion, some of the best sports and wedding photographers in and around Saskatoon. There is always something to learn and little tricks here and there that you pick up and share when you are around these photographers. Photography is forever evolving and as a photographer you have to evolve with it as well.


Check out my sports/commercial work at If you are interested in my photography you can call me anytime. My office is 306-651-3100 or cell 306-227-6881.


Mark Reinbolt

Location: Saskatoon, SK


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